Opening for The Talelst Man on earth again!

Honored, grateful and very happy that The Tallest Man on Earth wants me to open for him again.
This will be beyond amazing!

24 Jan     Byscenen, Trondheim (NO) *SOLD OUT*
26 Jan     USF Verftet, Bergen (NO)
27 Jan     Stavanger Konserthus, Stavanger (NO)
29 Jan     Malmö Live, Malmö (SE)  *SOLD OUT*
06 Feb     Aula Magna, Lisbon (PT)
08 Feb     Joy Slava, Madrid (ES)
09 Feb     La Rambleta, Valencia (ES)
10 Feb     BARTS, Barcelona (ES)
11 Feb     Antigel Festival, Geneva (CH)
12 Feb     Hiroshima Mon Amour, Torino (IT)
13 Feb     Teatro Quirinetta, Rome (IT)
15 Feb     Estragon, Bologna (IT)
16 Feb     Muffathalle, Munich (DE)
17 Feb     Kampnagel, Hamburg (DE)

For tickets and info:



Things that come with it other than the 12" clear vinyl:...
The lyrics, amazing pics and design, the meaning of life, who plays what, why, where and an invisible ghost.
Thank you for your support!

" won't find a release more characteristic this year."
-The Line of best fit, UK

:::::Release day is here!:::::

Lynx is released today!
It's all thanks to my dear friend Kristian Matsson, we had so much fun making this EP and I'm forever grateful.
Lynx will be available on an EXTRA BONUS DLX LIMITED EDITION CLEAR 12´ VINYL thanks to Woah Dad...
Unfortunately it's delayed... But you'll get the pre-order link today!

Thanks for supporting by buying the EP for less than 3€:

The nice folks at Tidal really want you to hear it so they made this interview, pres-stream and playlist available:…/introducing-the-tarantula-waltz/



Listen to Lynx!

The single "Lynx" is released April 17th but today it is named SONG OF THE DAY over at Britains finest music blog The Line Of Best Fit.
Warms my heart to read the kind words written about the EP.
So friends, hope you enjoy it too.
Here's Lynx.

Lynx will be out May 20!

The new EP will be released May 20. 
Lynx was recorded with Kristian Matsson (The Tallest Man on Earth) in Matsson’s home studio in Gagnef in the woods in the Swedish region of Dalarna, where Matsson acted as both producer and musician during the recordings.  

“When it comes to the songs, these are by far the most positive and life-affirming stuff I’ve written. I wrote the title track Lynx to my son, and another song is dedicated to my father. I honestly have no idea how many days and nights we spent in the studio. We had a lot of fun and lots of energy. I’ve never experienced the recording process going so smoothly and frictionless before, and I’m very proud of what we accomplished. You can naturally still hear that it’s me but it’s definitely a step in a new direction for me, both musically and lyrically.” 

Track list

1. Lynx
2. Caravaggio's Hand
3. Northern Nights
4. The Leaning Apple Tree

exciting news!

TTW has signed with the new Swedish super label Woah Dad!
Woah Dad! is a part of Telegram studios and was founded by Ismail "Isse" Samie and Joel Borg.
It is run by the people behind and from Stranded, Dolores and Telegram.
Woah dad! recently released their first album and that was by no other then Sweden's greatest Håkan Hellström.

TTW has also signed with the best booking agency in Scandinavia Luger and are now being booked through Victor Schvarcz & Niklas Herrström!

Stay tuned for more exciting news!


woahdad 2.png

The Tallest Man on Earth + TTW

Lots of super exciting news coming up!
First of all:
I will open for my dear friend and hero The Tallest Man On Earth on his European tour this summer.
It's an honor beyond words.

23 June Koko, London (UK) *SOLD OUT*...
24 June Openlucht Theater, Antwerp (BE)
25 June Divan du Monde, Paris (FR)
28 June Göta Lejon, Stockholm (SE)
29 June Göta Lejon, Stockholm (SE)
30 June Rockefeller, Oslo (NO)
02 July Pustervik, Goteborg (SE)