Blue as in Bliss - Feb 3ed, 2017 (Woah Dad!)

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Recorded and produced by Chrille Roth at Dubious studios.
One of the best selling albums in Sweden 2017.

All songs written by Markus Svensson.
All songs produced by Christoffer Roth.
Recorded in Dubious studio except “The strive, the strive, the strive..”  recorded by Kristian Matsson in Studio Hesten, Gagnef.
All songs mixed by Christoffer Roth in Dubious studio.
Mastered by Alf Håkan Åkesson in NutidStudio.
“Rock’n’roll Halo outro” – “Something on your mind” written by Dino Valentini made famous by Karen Dalton.

Markus Svensson: Acoustic, electric, 12-string & vox
Petter Södrin: Bass
Per Andersson: Drums & percussion
Fredrik Hermansson: Keys and pads
Mathias Johansson: Electric guitar
Christoffer Roth: Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Lars Åhlund: Saxophone
Kristian Matsson: Conde guitar on “The strive..”
Leo Svensson Sander: Cello and backing vox
Emma Fällman: Backing vox


Lynx EP - May 20, 2015 (Woah Dad!)

Lynx was recorded with Kristian Matsson (The Tallest Man on Earth) in Matsson’s home studio in Gagnef in the woods in the Swedish region of Dalarna, where Matsson acted as both producer and musician during the recordings.  
“When it comes to the songs, these are by far the most positive and life-affirming stuff I’ve written. I wrote the title track Lynx to my son, and another song is dedicated to my father. I honestly have no idea how many days and nights we spent in the studio. We had a lot of fun and lots of energy. I’ve never experienced the recording process going so smoothly and frictionless before, and I’m very proud of what we accomplished. You can naturally still hear that it’s me but it’s definitely a step in a new direction for me, both musically and lyrically.” 

Track list

1. Lynx
2. Caravaggio's Hand
3. Northern Nights
4. The Leaning Apple Tree

Release: May 20, 2015.

Produced and mixed by Kristian Matsson
Markus Svensson: vocals & acoustic guitar
Kristian Matsson: electric guitar, twelve-string electric guitar, baritone guitar,  acoustic zither guitar, pedal steel, drums, piano, clarinet, french horn & synthesizers.
Engineer: Jacob Grundtman

Petter Södrin: bass on Northern Nights chorus
Per Andersson: drums on Lynx chorus
Jacob Grundtman: bass on Lynx
Johanna Tagnäs: violin on Lynx and The Leaning Apple Tree
Additional bass and drum recordings by Göran Petersson at the Brus & Knaster Studio

"Tinder Stick Neck"  2014  (Brus & Knaster)

Cover TSN

About "Tinder Stick Neck"

Upon hearing some of the songs from this album The Tarantula Waltz was dubbed “Best of What’s Next” by Paste Magazine last fall.
“Tinder Stick Neck”, on which Svensson has crafted his best material to date, lyrically revolve around the intertwined themes of hypochondria, death anxiety and atheism.
”I wanted to do something different this time, I wanted to use my hypochondria and my death angst in a creative context... trying to turn it into something positive... most of the songs relate to that desire...  I was brought up in a christian home... My father was a priest, he died when I was sixteen, two years earlier my grandfather had committed suicide, death always seemed to be around me... and I who was so used of this natural good God, the good overseer taking care of you... I think this is the basis for my hypochondria. When you experience that those closest to you die when you're that young, when you're not fully developed, you're almost bound to think it will happen to you too... and soon. I'm still struggling with these implications, to know that you're going to die…when you have lost faith.”
In an interview Paste did with Svensson he states that he doesn't want to be lumped together with the singer/songwriter patriarchal tradition.
“I’m extremely tired of the stereotypical ‘cry in the beer,’ male, singer/songwriter who portray women as beautiful, passive, and, like, a homogeneous group of people. I hate that and I don’t wanna be a part of that tradition.”

Recording of "Tinder Stick Neck"

The main body of the new album was recorded live in an old school house in the Stockholm archipelago in two sessions some months apart in 2012. It was soon evident that this time around it would be appropriate, even necessary, to use the band-term to describe the newly emerging Tarantula Waltz Mk 3.
Whereas on the two previous albums Svensson had invited the friends, musicians and singers the songs seemed to need, this time he formed a trio consisting of himself, bass player Petter Södrin  and drummer Per Andersson as the nucleus of a future steady touring as well as recording band. With guitar player Mathias Johansson and keyboard wizard Fredrik Hermansson joining ranks during the sessions the new powerhouse quintet was complete.
Svensson has crafted some of his best material to date with the eleven songs comprising the new album. While not entirely stepping out of his usual Americana-tinged idiom Svensson treads paths he has not travelled before with a somewhat somber as well as heavier and, however peculiar that may sound, at the same time also airier sound. Guest appearances by outstanding chantuese Idiot Wind and two-thirds of Swedish folk trio sensation Nordic in no small way generously contributing to this.


'Tinder Stick Neck' was met by overwhelmingly positive domestic reviews.
Sweden's leading music magazine Sonic's scribe Anders Dahlbom wrote "...stories of life set to music that no one wants to miss." and gave the album an 8 of 10. Patrik Forshage from Nöjesguiden concluded "It's time that the world discovers The Tarantula Waltz."

8/10 SONIC
5/6 Nöjesguiden
4/5 Smålandsposten
4/5 Värmlands Folkblad
4/5 Upsla Nya Tidning
4/5 Umeå Tidning

Track list

1. Scandinavian Minds
2. Wolverine, Death Machine
3. Cedar Tree
4. Tinder Stick Neck
5. 17
6. Wooden Arms
7. Majestic Jaws
8. Hawthorne
9. Voodoo whispering
10. Streiff

Release April 23 2014
Produced and mixed by Göran Petersson.

Markus Svensson - Vocals & guitar
Petter Södrin - Bass & pump organ
Per Andersson - Drums & percussion
Mathias Johansson - Electric & slide guitar
Fredrik Hermansson - Pump organ, piano, philicorda, syntheziser & Hammond organ

Idiot Wind - Vocals
Erik Rydvall - Keyed fiddle
Magnus Zetterlund - Mandolin, Electric guitar
Sandra Marteleus - Fiddle
Peter van Poehl - Proctophone 


"Did not leave to find but to forget, to leave behind" 2010  (Brus & Knaster)

Did not.jpg


”Did Not Leave To Find But To Forget, To Leave Behind”, The Tarantula Waltz sophomore album was produced by John Roger Olsson (TGO) and mixed by Stuart Sikes ( White Stripes, Cat Power). The debut, released in 2007 was met with very favourable reviews. The band heralded by British Uncut as ”Impressive newcomer”. The core and soul of The Tarantula Waltz is singer/guitarist/songwriter Markus Svensson and his meticously crafted songs. The brilliant band supporting him, a loosely knit collective of musicians that has been there since the debut, has during the recording process of the new album become a permanent outfit. Among the host of guests also appearing on the new album are Idiot Wind, David Sandström and Ebba Forsberg.

Released February 2010.
Produced by John Roger Olsson.
Mixed by Stuart Sikes.
Markus Svensson (vocals, guitar)

Robert Johansson (guitar)
Tomas Eriksson (drums)
Anders Ljung (bass)
Victor Hvidfeldt (keys)
Johannes Borgström (bas/keys)
Idiot Wind (backing vox)

Lars Åhlund (Saxophone), 
Johan Jonsson (Trumpet)
Martin Hederos (Organ),
Johan Lindström (pedal and lapsteel)


4 out of 5.
”I know that he's not very fond of the term, but now we have to call The Tarantula Waltz one of the greatest singer/songwriters this country has to offer.”
- Anders Dahlbom, Expressen

5 out of 6
”One of the greatest Americana voices in this country...killing songs.
- Patrik Forshage, Nöjesguiden

4 out of 6
”Beautiful and headstrong”
- Elin unnes, SVD

4 out of 5
”I love bands that risk everything in every song, it becomes so vivid, the music let you come incredible close. It's so beautiful. I am deeply touched by this album.”
 - Dennis Andersson, Barometern

”World class..There are not many Swedes up there in the league in which Svensson play”
 - Henrik Säfwenberg,

"The Tarantula Waltz" 2007 (National)

TTW -TTW.jpg

Released September 2007
Procuded by TTW and Mattias Olsson

Markus Svensson (Vocals, Guitar)
Robert Johansson (Guitar)
Frida Jasmin Sende (Cello)


"Impressive newcomer"

"Markus Svenssons debut is filled with so much life experience, melancholy, and pain, I can't believe that he's only 22."
-Jan Gradvall, DI

Singles and compilations

Full Moon Twenty-Four-Seven (Brus & Knaster 2013)
In honor of Jason Molina.


Track list

1. Full Moon Twenty-Four-Seven
2.Talk to me devil, again (Magnolia Electric Company cover.)

Cowboys in Scandinavia - The new folk sounds from Northern Europe (Fargo 2006)


Track list

  1. Christian Kjellvander - "Allelujah"
  2. The Lancaster Orchestra - "Bad Horse"
  3. St Thomas - "Twisted Cowboy"
  4. Nicolai Dunger - "Soul Rush"
  5. Mattias Hellberg - "Power Failure"
  6. Junip - "The Ghost of Tom Joad" (Bruce Springsteen-cover)
  7. Britta Persson - "Defrag My Heart"
  8. Dusty Fingers - "Quite Alright"
  9. Kristofer Åström & Hidden Truck - "Oh Lord"
  10. Christer Knutsen - "Watching You Steal My Pain"
  11. Tobias Fröberg - "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing"
  12. Johanna Berhan - "To Hide This Way"
  13. Thomas Dybdhal - "Dreamweaver"
  14. Tarantula - "Browngreen Pounding Eyes"
  15. Mikael Herrstrom - "Do They Let Me Kind in There?"
  16. Johnossi - "Family Values"
  17. José González - "Save Your Day"
  18. Hederos & Hellberg - "Take Care"
  19. Motorpsycho - "Theme from the Tussler"